About Us


It is with a thankful heart that I welcome you to HarperandHedgie.com.  We are a family owned, online baby footwear boutique based out of the beautiful mountain town of Larkspur, Colorado. I have created a line of young children’s handmade shoes that offer a timeless, classic, vintage feel.  We've taken baby shoe styles that have been around for over a century and given them a modern day touch that bring the best of both worlds together. 

Our shoes are made from only 100% genuine leather materials, sewn well and most importantly designed to be adorable and comfortable on little feet!  We lovingly make our shoes in small batches so you can be sure you are getting a pair of beautiful shoes that will last well after your little one outgrows them (assuming your dog doesn't use them as a chew toy!).   

As a mom to six kids (YES!...five girls and one boy!), I understand the importance of finding high quality AND adorable shoes for your little ones!  I also know the lack of options out there in the general department stores.  I wanted to offer something different; something better; something special you will always treasure. 

I’ve been asked by many where our name came from.  Well…my youngest daughter’s middle name is Harper and her very first stuffed toy animal she carried around was a hedgehog (cutest little hedgie ever!).  And because she was the inspiration behind why I started this line, it just fit!     

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for supporting our family business!  It’s an honor and blessing for me to know your little one is wearing my little creations.  If you ever have any questions or concerns please reach out to us!  I’m always looking for feedback so we can continue to grow and improve.

 Happy shoe shopping!

 -Jennifer Torr


P.S. If you aren’t following us on Instagram or Facebook yet, please do!  I love getting to know my customers better and I sure love seeing your little ones in my shoes!  Send us your pictures for an opportunity to be featured on our site!  We also love doing giveaways and contests!  Who doesn’t love a FREE pair of shoes? 

Childrens Shoe Size




Size 1 4.33 Inches
(11 cm)
0-6 Months
Size2 4.65 Inches
(11.8 cm)
6-12 Months
Size 3

5 Inches
(12.7 cm)

12-18 Months
Size 4

5.28 Inches
(13.4 cm)

18-24 Months
Size 5

5.59 Inches
(14.2 cm)

Size 6 5.9 Inches
(15.0 cm)
Size 7

6.2 Inches
(15.8 cm)

Size 8 6.5 Inches
(16.6 cm)